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for concurrent multi-user access on all operating systems from Windows 7 through to Windows Server.

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to access your server via web browser from any device or operating system

No Terminal Server CALs

no need for Terminal Service (RDS) Role or license manager

No Complicated Setups

One click installation and all-in-one admin tool to configure.

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We are in Africa, for Africa.

We can give you first level support.

Temporary Demo Licenses

We can generate full functional Enterprise licenses for unlimited users for 15 days.

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Purchase directly from our website. We will send you the license key via email.

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Make the right choice for your customers. Reseller prices for qualified IT companies.

Core Features

TSPlus Administration

The TSplus Admin Tool is the central configuration tool of the Terminal Server. You can configure and set up all functions and settings of TSplus in a single application: from basic remote access settings, application pubblishing, HTML / HTML5 to load balancing / gateway functions.

Open on Clients

With the “Open on Client side” feature, documents which are saved on the server, like office, cad and similar will be opened on the client machine. This is useful on systems where the programs are not installed on the server.

Application Publishing

With this feature it is possible to assign to each user or user group an application or specific applications allowing the administrator to heighten security or remove clutter. Combined with the floating panel or remote taskbar the user will not have access to the desktop of the server.

Load Balancing Included

TSPlus is ideal for medium to large server farms because it includes load Balancing and failover. Using TSPlus Gateway (Enterprise Version) it will direct users to the least used application server.

HTML5 Client

Using the Mobile & Web version, you can access your server and applications using any HTML5 compliant browser. On any device including iPhone, iPad, Android and any other operating system.

It All Sums Up

One installation of your applications. One setup of your programs. One backup for all your data and use them from anywhere in the world. Saving you time, money, coffee and mostly frustration.


We firmly believe in growing our reseller network.

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It’s easy to qualify to become a reseller. If you are in the IT business, hosting, providing specialized software to your customers or simply an IT technician keen on giving your customers the best and most convenient form of application sharing, then just send us a request.

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