Here are some common questions about TSPlus.

Can I buy directly from TSPlus Africa?

We really hope you do. We are here to support the South African and rest of Africa market.

Is TSPlus a stand alone product?
Yes. TSPlus does not need any other software to allow concurrent multi user access to a single system.
Is TSPlus compatible with my application?
TSPlus uses the RDP protocol, so if your application is compatible with Microsoft Terminal Server then most likely it will work. You can always download the trial version and give it a try.
Can I access my applications using an IPhone or IPad?
If you purchase the Mobile & Web or the Enterprise version, you can access all your application using a standard HTML5 compatible web browser.
Can I print on my local printer?
TSPlus comes in a special Printer version. With this version you can print on any local printer even if the server does not provide a driver for that specific printer. This can be configured to print on your local default printer directly or you can allow for printer selection before every print.
Does it make sense to use TSPlus on a local network?
Yes it does. In many ways, this is the new and most secure way of setting up your network environment. This will allow you to have all your data on a centralised server, all applications on one machine and all your users accessing that single system. This will streamline application installation and maintenance, think of a scenario where you would normally have to install an application on 10 or 20 computers. Now you install it on one and give access to all your users.
How much do I have to pay to get started?
Much less than you think! Look at our prices on our Shop page.
Do I have to pay a monthly or yearly fee?
No! Your TSPlus license is a perpetual license. That means, that for the server it’s bound to, it’s there forever. If you want to keep you product updated then you will need to purchase an “upgrade and support” subscription.

TSPlus Africa Support

Please send your queries to support@tsplus.co.za