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Server Monitoring Update Subscription for 3 Years

  • Understand, predict and avoid any issue that could harm your production server. Server Monitoring gives you facts and data about your server, applications and users. Install it on your server and get a clear understanding of its usage and performance.
  • Server Monitoring reports
  • Users Activity reports
  • Running Applications reports
  • Out-of-the-box, it displays the most useful data extracted from your server and from your website.
  • Server Monitoring helps you to optimize your software resources and reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Thanks to smart and easy-to-read reports, you can increase your server’s performance and your users’ productivity!
  • Get historical and real-time detailed reports on your website health, availability, performances and responses.
  • Don’t wait for your users to complain! Monitor your server for unexpected usage spikes, and site for long time responses or downtime duration.

Server Monitoring 3 Year Updates Subscription

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